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BRD Institute-Professional Diploma Course in Airport

BRD Institute is one of the premier profession-oriented educational Institutes in India in the field of Aviation. BRD Institute’s goal is to impart industry relevant job-oriented diploma and training to its students. Our researched course content, experienced faculty and extensive training techniques make our students most desired in the industry. We are confident that our course content, infrastructure and faculty are best in the industry with the best focus on proper training and higher placements of its students.

Course Name Duration Course Fees
Diploma in Aviation 3 Months 33900
Diploma in Aviation 6 Months 60000
Diploma in Aviation 1 Year 85000

Advantage of BRD Institute

There is no reason why you should not be at the top, in the Field of Aviation. • Well Equipped and Fully Updated training Rooms. • Industry Professionals as Trainers • guaranteed Internships

  • Diploma Courses :

    • Introduction to Aviation Industry
    • Diploma in Air Hostess
    • Cabin Crew: In-flight Services
    • Diploma in Airport Management
    • Diploma in Ground staff -Airport Ground Handling

Diploma in Air Hostess:

BRD Institute provides Diploma in Air Hostess .The academic program consists of classroom lectures and hands-on training sessions. The course trains students and turns them into skilled flight attendants! According to laymen, airlines hire an air hostess to serve food and drinks to its passengers! Well, this fact is wrong! An air hostess’s duty is not just limited to serving drinks and food. We also trained in some of the main tasks performed by them – • Taking care of in-flight announcements and inter department coordination. • Ensuring safety of passengers. • Ensuring comfort of passengers • Helping passengers on board, assisting them with their luggage, seats etc • Providing food, reading material, blankets and other such items to passengers • Explaining safety procedures to passengers • Assisting passengers during times of emergency/distress

Diploma in Cabin Crew:

BRD Institute is providing a diploma in Cabin Crew program. The course is designed for men & women interested in pursuing a career as cabin crew with Domestic airlines. We know what it takes to be a successful cabin crew and what airlines are looking for. By pooling our knowledge and experience together in one team, we can help you achieve your dream of becoming a cabin crew. Campus placements opportunities also available.

Diploma in Airport Management and Ground staff:

Aviation industry is a very vast field. It employs a wide variety of professionals – Pilots, flight stewards, aircraft engineers, air traffic controllers etc. We are providing a diploma in Airport Management and Ground staff. Which includes Airline ticketing, Customer service, Passenger handling, Cargo handling, Fundamentals of airport management, Aviation hospitality, inter-department coordination, security, ticketing and customer care, an airline or airport needs skilled managers and ground staff. We are focusing some areas of Airport operations such as Airport Operations Control Center, Terminal Operations, Air-side & Kerb-side Operations, Ground Flight Safety, Customer Facilities & Logistics etc. Some of the key factors includes Operational functions of the airport,Rescue, fire fighting and other support services, Airport issues and challenges, Technological developments, how airlines and airports operate in relation to the provision of passenger services, Passenger and baggage check-in and boarding procedures, including passengers with special needs, Interpret the respective regulatory requirements related to passenger and baggage transport, how computer reservations and departure control systems operate, Provide superior customer service in a demanding customer facing environment, Passenger and Baggage check-in procedures (airport and off-site), Conditions of passenger and baggage carriage, boarding procedures and flight close-out messaging, Managing passenger interactions, Aviation security procedures for passenger and baggage transport, Enhanced passenger facilitation.

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