Diploma in Metro Management Hospitality

Course/Diploma in Metro Management Hospitality

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Diploma in Metro Management Hospitality

Diploma in Metro Management Hospitality

Course Overview

The Diploma in Metro Management Hospitality at BRD Institute is tailored to prepare students for the dynamic and fast-paced hospitality industry within metropolitan areas. This program offers in-depth training in hospitality management, focusing on hotel operations, customer service, food and beverage management, marketing, and event planning. Graduates will be well-equipped to thrive in urban hospitality environments, handling the unique challenges and opportunities they present.

Course Curriculum

The training courses include urban goodwill industry fundamentals, lodge operations, nourishment and refreshment administration, client benefits excellence, marketing and expansion, event planning, trade communication, and professional skills. It combines practical training and internships, providing students with hands-on experience and industry exposure to prepare them for the difficulties of metropolitan hospitality management.

Introduction to Metro Hospitality Management

a. Understanding the Urban Hospitality Industry:- investigates the features and requests for goodwill in urban locations.

b. Key Concepts and Terminologies:- Provides basic knowledge of industry-specific words and concepts.

c. Structure and Dynamics:- Examines the organisation and operation of various sectors inside urban areas, including accommodations, restaurants, and event venues.

Hotel Operations Management

  • Front Office Operations:- Covers guest check-in/check-out procedures, reservation frameworks, and client services.
  • Housekeeping Management:- Concentrates on cleaning norms, inventory management, and personnel monitoring.
  • Facility Management:- Addresses maintenance, security standards, and mechanical advances in the lodging foundation.
  • Technology and Innovation:- Examines the most contemporary technology trends, such as robotised check-ins and smart rooms.

Food and Beverage Management

1. Restaurant and Bar Management:- Educates on the efficient running of dining establishments and bars, including staff administration and customer service.

2. Menu Planning and Costing:- Guides to creating meals, calculating procedures, and managing food expenses.

3. Food Safety and Hygiene:- Ensures awareness of health regulations and trains to maintain high standards.

4. Catering and Banquet Management:- Covers planning and carrying out large-scale nutrition benefit initiatives.

Customer Service Excellence

  • Concentrates on providing unforgettable guest experiences.
  • Teaches effective methods to resolve customer issues.
  • Explores methods to personalise and enhance interactions with guests.
  • Emphasises the importance of recognising and respecting different foundations.

Event Planning and Management

Event Organization:- Provides skills to plan and coordinate events, from small meetings to large conventions.

Logistics and Coordination: Focuses on managing resources, timelines, and event logistics.

Budgeting and Financial Planning: Teaches financial management for events, including cost estimation and budget control.

Risk Management: Covers strategies to anticipate and mitigate potential issues.


Business Communication and Professional Skills

Effective Communication:- Enhances verbal and written communication skills.

Business Writing:- Focuses on creating professional documents, reports, and emails.

Presentation Skills:- Teach how to deliver impactful presentations.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution:- Provides techniques for effective negotiation and handling disputes.

Internship and Practical Training

Hands-on Experience:- Offers real-world experience in urban hospitality settings.

Real-World Projects:- Involves working on actual industry projects to apply theoretical knowledge.

Networking Opportunities:- Facilitates connections with industry professionals.

Exposure to Industry Trends:- Keeps students updated on the latest practices and innovations.

Skill Development Programs

  1. English Speaking and Communication Skills:
    • Intensive English Classes: Improve language proficiency.
    • Communication Workshops: Focus on verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
    • Interactive Sessions: Engage in role-plays and group discussions to build confidence.
    • Professional Writing: Learn effective email and business writing techniques.
  2. Personality Development:
    • Leadership Training: Develop skills to lead and manage teams.
    • Confidence Building: Participate in activities designed to boost self-confidence.
    • Time Management: Learn strategies to manage time efficiently.
    • Grooming and Etiquette: Focus on personal presentation and professional behaviour.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Completion of high school
  • Intermediate Certificate
  • Interest in Hospitality: A genuine passion for the hospitality industry, especially in urban settings.

Career Opportunities

  • Hotel Manager: Overseeing hotel operations and staff.
  • Front Office Manager: Managing guest services and front desk operations.
  • Food and Beverage Manager: Supervising dining services and catering operations.
  • Event Planner: Coordinating and managing events.
  • Hospitality Marketing Specialist: Developing marketing strategies for hospitality businesses.
  • Customer Service Manager: Ensuring high standards of guest service.
  • Urban Hospitality Consultant: Advising businesses on improving their operations and services.

Potential Salary

  • Entry-Level Positions: 30,000 to 40,000 annually.
  • Mid-Level Positions: 50,000 to 70,000 annually.
  • Senior-Level Positions: 80,000 to 2,00,000 annually.

BRD Institute's Support

  1. Industry Connections:
    • Partnerships: Strong ties with leading hotels, restaurants, and event management companies in metropolitan areas.
    • Networking: Opportunities to connect with industry professionals.
  2. Experienced Faculty:
    • Professional Instructors: Courses taught by seasoned professionals with real-world experience.
    • Industry Insights: Practical knowledge and up-to-date industry practices.
  3. Modern Facilities:
    • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Simulation labs, training hotels, and modern classrooms.
    • Hands-On Learning: Facilities designed to provide practical, real-world experiences.
  4. Career Services:
    • Counselling and Placement: Dedicated services to help students secure internships and job placements.
    • Resume Building: Assistance with creating professional resumes.
    • Interview Preparation:- Coaching for job interviews and career advancement.


The Recognition in Metro Administration Neighborliness at BRD Organized is an ideal program for people seeking a rewarding career in the urban-related business. With extensive educational modules, a focus on skill development, and strong industry associations, the program ensures that graduates are well-prepared to face the difficulties of metropolitan administration and achieve their professional goals.



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